We help Coder to transform in to Developer such that they able to build product in a right way.

About us:

Pingala Software is one of the India’s leading IT training provider with certification. We provide training/consultancy on all the latest technology and tools as per the company or participant requirement. Courses offered are DevOps, AWS, Python, IoT, Software Craftsmanship with needed modification, which helps working professionals/companies to achieve their goals.

If you write code then think:

  • Do I really care about my code and design?
  • Do I know what is missing in my code or design?
  • Am I just adding mess in a mess?
  • Is learning new tool or technology sufficient to implement in real time

In order to achieve this, we believe in Hands-On Learning and so all our courses are designed with full of hands-on sessions and perfectly balanced with short and comprehensive theory session. We don't have trainer rather we have practitioner who help you to learn, feel and practice various technical topics.

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We cover wide range of technical practices and tools & technologies related topics.

Hands On Learning

Help you to feel it by doing on your own and practitioner pair with you in this endeavor. You gain the practical experience of the specific tool or technology. This way learning is not only fast but also very close to real work experience.

comprehensive sessions

All hands-on sessions are supported by short and comprehensive theory session. It helps to first understand and learn the concepts which you apply during hands-on session.

technicaL practitioners

We are practitioner and not trainer. All of us practicing these technical practices, tools and technologies in real time project, we provide our consulting in these areas to many organizations.

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