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Course Details

Being in the Software field a must do certifications program to enhance your skills and abilities to deliver the best are DevOps training. This trending certification course is the need of hour whether at the beginner level or at an advanced level. This certification program will not only enhance your skills but it will also help you in mastering the software development and making the best efficient uses of the software tools.

Agenda at high level:

  • Introduction to DevOps – What, why and how
  • Collaboration and Communication - Activity based
  • Continuous Testing
  • Build Automation & Continuous Integration
  • Code Quality
  • Automated Deployment
  • Automated Provisioning
  • Automated Monitoring

Learning Objectives

  • DevOps myths
  • Techniques to bring right culture, effective collaboration
  • Understand Domain and Technical challenges in DevOps adoption
  • Know how to adopt DevOps
  • Effective Automation - When to automate, where to automate and how to automate
  • Learn some popular tools

Tools to be used

  • Jenkins
  • Docker
  • Git
  • Ansible
  • SonarCube
  • Sonatype Nexus
  • Cucumber
  • SourceTree

Day 1

  • Introduction to DevOps
  • Collaboration (Lots of activities)
    • Backlog Grooming
    • Scenarios identification
    • 3 Amigos meeting, Addition of 4th amigo Ops
    • Value Stream Mapping

  • Continuous Testing
    • Test Pyramid and Test Strategy
    • Shift Left and Shift Right Testing
    • BDD
    • TDD
    • Source Control - Git

    Day 2

  • Continuous Integration
    • Build Automation Strategy
    • Build Pipeline
    • Trunk Based Development and Feature Toggle
    • Setup CI Server - Jenkins

  • Code Quality
    • Flexible Architecture and Feature Toggle
    • Code Review(gerrit)
    • 12 factors App

  • Automated Deployment
    • Static Code Analysis(Setup and use SonarQube, Jococo)
    • Deployment Strategy
    • Binary and Package Management(Nexus,Artifactory)
    • Build Automation Vs Automated Deployment

    Day 3

  • Automated Provisioning
    • Need and Strategy of IAC
    • Tool Comparison(Puppet,Chef, Ansible, Salt)
    • Tool Comparison and deep dive of one tool
    • Container introduction
    • Docker Hands-on

  • Monitoring
    • Need and Strategy
    • Tool Hands-on (ELK, Sensu)

  • Additional
    • Serverless Architecture - a game changer
    • Hands-on building serverless app using AWS Lambda

    Tools Covered (Just an Indicator)

    Area Tools
    Programming Language C# or Java or Python or Node.js
    XUnit Framework nUnit/MS Test or JUnit or pytest or jasmine/Mocha
    Mocking Framework nSubstitute, mocito
    BDD Framework specFlow or Cucumber, Selenium
    Version Control Tool Git or Bitbucket or SVN, SourceTree
    CI Server Team City or Jenkins
    Code Review gerrit
    Binary Repository Nexus or Artifactory
    Static Code Analysis SonarQube, jococo
    Container Docker
    Configuration Management Puppet or Chef or Ansible
    Feedback, Monitoring ELK, Sensu

  • Introduction to DevOps
    • Background
    • Ingredients of DevOps
    • DevOps priniciples
    • Who has adopted
      • Mirage or Reality
    • Challenges
      • Domain specific
      • Technology specific

  • Collaboration - Breaking silos between Dev and Ops
    • Practices and strategy
    • Activities

  • Automate / Conditions Testing
    • Strategy and tools
    • Hands-on exercise

  • Automate Build and Conditions integration
    • Strategy and tools
    • Hands-on exercise

  • Automate Deployment
    • Strategy and tools
    • Hands-on exercise

  • Automate Provisioning
    • Strategy and tools
    • Hands-on exercise

  • Automate Feedback
    • Strategy and tools
    • Hands-on exercise


    As DevOps is one of the most demanded skills now-a-days which every employer seeks in his/her employees, it opens immense opportunities for professionals having DevOps skills in their professional career. After completing the training, you’ll be having these benefits:

    • Tremendous job opportunities & career growth.
    • Able to deliver software in a better and stable way.
    • Increased salary packages.
    • Improved communication and collaboration with team members.
    • Get DevOps certification from DASA.
    • Get access to our free monthly Webinars.

    Who Should Attend?

    • Testers, Software Engineers, Developers,
    • QA testers Executives and Leaders,
    • Managers, Directors, CIOs, and VPs
    • Development, QA, and Infrastructure Management Portfolio Managers,
    • PMO, and Process Leads Enterprise,
    • System, and Solution Architects

    Upcoming Classes

    • Course Name Duration Date Quantity Price location Enroll
      DevOps Hands-On Learning 3 Days 2018-11-16 ₹ 42000 Bangalore

    Trainer Details

    Vinay Krishna

    Change Agent | Catalyst | Philomath | Programmer | Agile Technical Coach,


    DevOps Hands-on Bangalore

    3 Days DevOps Hands-on 16th, 17th & 18th Nov 2018 42000
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