DevOps Overview & How Pingala Software can help you to grow in your Career.


2016 was the year of DevOps going mainstream, 2017 will mark the emergence of DevOps at scale. We're seeing huge numbers for initial adoption, over 85 percent, but this year will represent the timeframe when enterprises actively seek to drive DevOps across the entirety of their software delivery lifecycle.

DevOps is not a new term for most of us, however still it’s difficult to explain. There are many versions available and most of the cases it appears just about automation and tools at various stages of Software Development. We also hear a lot about cultural change, breaking silos between Development and Operations and many more. So how to adopt DevOps in right way?

This workshop is designed considering all these aspects. You will learn how to bring the right culture, breaking silos, increasing collaboration, choosing right set of tools and effective automation at various stages of Software Development.


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DevOps Hands-on

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After completing the training you will be able to: -

Shorten the lead time between fixes
Select the best data storage solutions
Have all the knowledge about the integration and management tools
Understand all the concept of test, build and design

Advantages of DevOps: -

DevOps will enhance your software skills resulting in the salary hike and betterment of your career
You will be recognized as a result oriented professional in your organization
Compared to the competitors, you will be having faster time to Market
The failure rate will be decreased and lowered for the new products

Beside all, DevOps also gives you the confidence to accept and deal with the any coming challenges with an ease. So don't sit on the Bench or you'll miss the boat. Enroll yourself today for the DevOps training in Pune.

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