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Node.js Training Hands-on

1 Month Node.js Training Hands-on 26th May - 17th Jun 2018 12000
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Node.js is one of the most famous, powerful and highly scalable powerful server-side technology in the world right now. It is used by many large companies including Ebay, IBM, Microsoft, Yahoo!, Walmart, Groupon, SAP, LinkedIn, PayPal and GoDaddy.

Why still Node.js?

High Performance Web Development Node enables you to build fast, scalable web applications capable of handling a huge number of simultaneous connections with high throughput.Key features are

  • The code is highly Scalable, and modularity of javascript is just best.
  • Deal with a file system like perform I/O operations using Node.js is non-blocking and single threaded.
  • Request and Response time is best, and communication over the internet is very fast
  • By using Node for Paypal account overview page, one of the most trafficked apps on the website, they were able to double the number of requests per-second and reduced response time by 35%.Walmart is able to serve some very sophisticated features to mobile users by using Node.js.

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  • Environment Setup
  • Node Package Manager
  • Basic concepts Callbacks, Events and Event Loop
  • Handling multiple requests
  • Objects in Node.js
  • this, prototype and modules
  • Object factory and core modules
  • Create a basic server
  • Simple web file server
  • Connect
  • Express Framework
  • Handling user requests
  • App.js and EJS
  • Working with JSON data
  • Creating REST API
  • Introduction to MongoDb
  • Connecting Node.js to Database
  • Mongoose Module
  • Node.js and testing through Jasmine

  • What will be the impact of node.js on our careers?

    Understanding Node.js can have a significant positive impact on your career as a Javascript developer. Knowing how it works, how it scales, and how to interact with it can save you time, headaches and delays going to production which can put you well ahead of your competition. Understanding node.js can help you architect applications that are built to work with node's features and capabilities.

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