Decentralized AI Computing

Pingala Software team believes in continuous innovation and revolution in Digital Transformation journey. As we have team of experts supporting on Blockchain, DLT, AI, Machine Learning, DevSecOps and Cloud Computing, we bring true digital innovation by integrating these technology verticals.

Decentralized AI Computing helps in enhancing capabilities of decentralized platforms with improved consensus mechanism, scalability, fault tolerance, performance optimization, user and data analysis, auto decisions with security compliance. 

Decentralized AI Computing Platform :

  • Artificial Intelligence solutions will soon run on top of Blockchain network, increasing ML capabilities and creating new financial products.
  • Blockchain-AI convergence is inevitable because both deals with data and value on the network.
  • Blockchain enables secure storage and sharing of data or anything of value with it's decentralized mechanism.
  • AI can analyse and generate insights from data to generate value which enriches the intelligence of data.
  • Data is central to AI effectiveness, and Blockchain enables collaborative and secure data sharing
  • Blockchain can ensure the trustworthiness of data and can enable more data to be securely shared before AI extracts insights from it.

Enhancement of AI's Decision Making :

  • As AI algorithms become smarter through learning, it will become increasingly difficult for data scientists to understand how these programs came to specific conclusions and decisions.
  • This is because AI algorithms will be able to process incredibly large amounts of data and variables.
  • However, we must continue to audit conclusions made by AI because we want to make sure they’re still reflecting reality.
  • Through the use of blockchain technology, there are immutable records of all the data, variables, and processes used by AIs for their decision-making processes.
  • With the appropriate blockchain programming, all steps from data entry to conclusions can be observed.
  • The observing party will be sure that this data has not been tampered with.
  • It creates trust in the conclusions drawn by AI programs.
  • This is a necessary step, as individuals and companies will not start using AI applications if they don’t understand how they function and their decision making process.

Applications of Decentralized AI Computing

Decentralized Intelligence

It would enable business organizations to set up a blockchain-based architecture that allows a combination of AI design. This could be a peer-to-peer connection that has an image recognition feature or language processing.

Energy Saving and Cost Effective IT Infrastructure

An AI-integrated blockchain will help organizations reduce their energy consumption. Given the fact that AI learns & adapts to its environment, combined with blockchain, there’s no doubt that it will learn the process and the architecture of the blockchain network.

Flexible AI

AI integration with blockchain will pave the way for the development of an artificial general intelligence (AGI) platform.

Data Protection

AI heavily depends on data to train the ML algorithms to have analysis, prediction or make auto-decisions. Blockchain could enhance the security with it's decentralized encryption mechanism while ensuring only authorized users are having access.

Ensuring Security

As Blockchain forms a multi-node network which makes it difficult to hack, Decentralized AI platform could be even more difficult to breach as it will have integration of AI to predict the breach upfront.


Blockchain is a more transparent technology than a closed AI system so adding increased performance AI will bring storage to the blockchain by making it easier to access unstructured data.

Reducing Vulnerability of Data Breach and Exploitation in HealthCare

  • Personal health records could be encoded and stored on the Blockchain with a private key which would grant access only to specific individuals.
  • The same strategy could be used to ensure that research is conducted via HIPAA laws (in a secure and confidential way).
  • Receipts of surgeries could be stored on a Blockchain and automatically sent to insurance providers as proof-of-delivery.
  • The ledger, too, could be used for general health care management, such as supervising drugs, regulation compliance, testing results, and managing healthcare supplies.
  • With integration of AI, it is very much easy to enrich the capabilities of data while achieving data analysis, intelligent decision making and automation.

Our Expertise in Decentralized AI Computing

  • AI on Blockchain network for Decentralized, Distributed AI computing platform.
  • AI and Blockchain together for an enterprise AI based FinTech Application with digital asset exchange on Blockchain network.
  • Applying Blockchain to improve existing AI projects where AI understand why particular decision was made by the AI engine or in lowering the capital costs for AI services through marketplaces.
  • Enriching the capabilities of data with integration of AI into distributed network of Blockchain where data is stored in shared ledgers.
  • Blockchain enabled email solutions for highest level of security from spoofing.
  • New Blockchain- AI Platform with improved consensus mechanisms to address performance and scaling challenge, interoperability etc.

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