DevOps Transformation

We begin our DevOps Consulting engagements by gaining and understanding organizational goals while defining an end-state vision for transformation by applying System Integration and Design Thinking approach, eventually resulting in robust, reliable and agile transformation with exponential growth and ROI.

As part of our DevOps Transformation and DevSecOps Consulting program, we focus on working collaboratively with Development, Operations and Security teams to remove silos of working culture, developing a mindset of collaborative work and adapting best practices for improvement of software and product development life cycle.

Our Journey to DevOps Tramsformation

On Boarding and Discovery Phase :

We begin our DevOps Consulting journey by on-boarding each of the team, understanding their mindset, pain points and figure out silos we can fill-in to have streamlined SDLC process with automation and collaborative mindset. This will also include outlining key results observed in initial Discovery Phase while discussing with individuals and key stakeholders.

Macro Analysis :

We continue our detailed Discovery phase by having thorough analysis of existing infrastructure architecture, process flow, possible optimization strategies, CI/CD process if any along with understanding technical debt if any and code refactoring. Along with this we focus on Value State Map and based on the results prepare CALMS Heat Chart containing culture, automation, lean practices, measurement, sharing and tools & metrics being captured.

This can be further divided into below steps:

  • Planning, Envisioning and Analysis

  • Technical Discussion and Readiness

  • Technical Strategy

  • Planning, Roadmap and Optimization

  • Security and Compliance Strategy

Design Architecture :

After having thorough Macro Analysis we start working on preparing high level and low level architecture for setting up Data pipeline and DevSecOps Transformation process finalizing automation tools and processes aligned with current tech stack.

DevSecOps Pipeline :

Implementation :

We then start implementing design architecture with prior approval from Development, Operations and Security teams while following best DevSecOps practices.

Training and Guidance :

We guide and mentor existing team and ensure to have ongoing hand holding to take complete ownership before we hand over the project.

Documentation :

We document the design, architecture, development and implementation steps to have proper project hand off of our DevOps Consulting journey.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance :

We later get into SLA to provide you with ongoing support and maintenance.

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