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Our Product list:

AI Email Intake Engine

NLP driven Email Engine is a new generation product in the current age of continuous massive data genetaion. This Email Engine serves purpose of intaking documents straight from your inbox and processing it through highly efficient NLP based Machine learning models and services opening the door for intelligent and elegant way to avail most valuable insights from the documents such as customized classification of documents, sentiment analysis and customized Entity and key phrases extraction based on the content of the document reducing the human effort required to bare minimum. These insights are provided on a real-time authenticated and managed dashboard with enhanced features to leverage options to assign or direct the documents and insights to respective people/departments of concern and visualize the statistics for the same through a secured data pipeline.

Smart Mirror

“The mirrors can do a lot more than just showing the reflection.”

This smart mirror can entertain you, update you, provide you information on everything; it's more than just a mirror. It can be customized according to your needs or the needs of your customers. The most simple cool advantage is the Face / Fingerprint & Mobile based authentication, ensuring the protection of your information from various external threats.


Have you thought of carrying all your credentials online in one app? Being a professional, or an organization, how if you can have the access to your all data at just one tap over your phone? Well, it’s possible with our product “MyRappo”.

MyRappo is our smartphone app product that is categorized in 2 parts i.e. “Certifications” & “Feedbacks”. It allows you for getting the feedbacks from your customers, clients, delegates with a hassle free process and also with the option to access those feedbacks/reviews whenever wherever you want on just a single tap. It also provides you with the option of providing “Certificates” for your delegates/trainers/clients. The best part about this app is its ease of use along with easy accessibility.

So say a Goodbye to those old techniques of collecting feedbacks and providing certificates for your conferences/seminars/events with our MyRappo app.


Ledgermail is a blockchain based unique implementation of email communication redesigned, which avoids any flaws in existing email protocols by looking at email communication from a very different perspective. Ledgermail is implemented with the help of intensive research done on existing security flaws in email protocols and how can a most secure email service be built to benefit organizations and governments.


This smart phone app helps you for the data analysis, report and alert generation in real time. Awarded by the IT innovation of the year 2014, by the Computer Society of India, this app helps you facilitate the execution of mal-nutrition program.

With the Lean principle concepts i.e. “MUDA” “MURI” and “MURA”, EzzyPoshan tool is a system of 4 integrated stages.

  • Data collection through EzzyPoshan’s Smartphone client application.
  • Data transmission to the main server and data analysis on the server.
  • At the data analysis stage itself there is a provision for recognition of a malnourished child in need of treatment and/or referral and alert is sent to the concerned officials with details of the child's identity and location for referral and/or treatment of the malnourished child. A provision has been made that this action is taken within 4 days of anthropometric data enumeration of the child.
  • Statistical Data Analysis and Report Production.