DevOps Workshop – A step towards betterment of your career and organization

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DevOps is one of the most demanded and trending certification/training now-a-days. Though there are several meanings and conception regarding the term DevOps, but it is actually a software development concept or group of practices which creates a bridge between the software development and the IT operations leading towards time to market,better result and lower failure rates.

Coming in existence since 2007-08, the demand for professionals with DevOps mindset and skills has been increasing tremendously and as per the industry experts it is expected to grow up more by the passing years. The one and only reason behind this is the multiple advantage of having DevOps professional in your organization.

Pingala Software is one of the leading professional training providers entrusted by over thousands of professionals and many esteemed organizations for successfully conducting practical workshop sessions for the working professionals to enhance their skills and knowledge in various domains. We have a team of highly experienced and skilled practitioner-cum-trainers who are always ready to provide the delegates with an in-depth knowledge of the DevOps tools and methodology along with the prime focus concerned on the practical approach.

Pingala provides you a wide option to choose from the most industry trending available courses according to your necessity with the availability of training session ranging from 1 day to 1 month. Mr. Vinay Krishna, a highly skilled and experienced professional having more than 17 years of experience in the corporate sectors for providing the excellent quality hands on learning workshop sessions on DevOps, IoT and other courses.

1-Day DevOps Workshop Session at Delhi

The previous session for the 1-Day Hands on learning workshop for DevOps organized and held by Pingala Software at Delhi was a great success which was witnessed by the presence and the positive responses from the delegates after the end of session. Several working professionals from different sectors including Developers, Testers, Managers, Architect and some IT engineers had enrolled themselves and casted their presence at the venue.

Sep 23rd, with 22 participants for the DevOps training, Mr. Vinay started the session with a brief introduction to DevOps including what, why and how followed by activity based continuous testing, Code Quality, Build Automation& Continuous Integration. Along with that the delegates were provided with a deep practical knowledge of Continuous Deployment, Provisioning and Monitoring through effective automation.

The prime area of concern for this 1-Day workshop was to familiarize the delegates with the DevOps myths, Techniques to bring culture along with the effective collaboration whichprovide them a deep understanding of the DevOps adoption, and the technical challenges in the process of adoption. The delegates were also familiarized with the effective automation process i.e. when, where and how to automate along with a brief knowledge about some of the popular learning tools of DevOps.

What make Pingala the best and different from others is the team and the highly qualified and expert professional trainers who are always ready to provide you with the best and an in-depth knowledge of the concerned area. Moreover, we focus more on the practical approach as compared to the theoretical ones.

The session was a great success and all the participants were provided with the participation certification after the end of workshop.

Stay tuned for more details regarding the Upcoming sessions and other information related to the trends of Corporate Market.